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Silk and Fabric

Shaoxing Textile City in China

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Where can we find textile in China? Is there a professional wholesale market for textile in China? Where can we buy textile in bulk when visit China? Learn More China now share some details for Shaoxing textile city with you. Welcome to share your idea for Chinese textile wholesale markets. 

Shaoxing Textile City in ChinaShaoxing Keqiao textile town, known as China textile town, has a buliding space of 2.08million square meters and more than 10,000 businessmen. It runs around 30,000 kinds of materials, and has a daily visiting people reaching 100000. The China texitle town is becoming a more international trading place, with its products exproting to 173 countires and regions and witnessed a trade volume of 27.6billion Yuan in 2005 alone.At present, China textile town is the largest professional market of its rim in Asia, boasting its well-equipped installations, large scale as well as variety in production. Thefollowingaresome brief lists for the major fabric and textile gathering places and marketplaces in Keqiao.

1. China textile market,or North area, is the largest textile market in keqiao,with comprehensive products of various materials. Total 6areas, each of which has 5-7 streets, and is a 3-storey buliding. There are many kinds of materials available like cotton, TC, canvas, satin, lining, lace, embroider, linurn,artificial cotton, corduroy,etc. 

2. sixth North area, has nearly same items like above mentioned North area, but less in variety, and its business scale is not comparable as that of the first one.

3. Tianhui Square, materials including black-out cloth, window-screen, embroider,etc.)

4. New market, also called east market or new area provides items like bed-sheeting, floret, cotton,leather, knitting, TC,etc.

5. union market offers suit, TRW, Jeans, jacquard weave, etc

6.old market has many mixed varieties, now donot have definite clalifications for special itmes. 

7. Dongsheng Road market is a specailized knitting market where you can find multiple knitting items.  

8. west market is known for remnant, jeans material market 

9.Yuezhou Industrial and Trading Park mainly deals with galatea, yarn,etc

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