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Haeinsa electrical Center

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Where can we buy refridge in Guangzhou? Is there a wholesale market for washing machine? Where is the market for air conditioner? Where can we buy water heater in Guangdong? Learn More China now share some details for Haeinsa electrical Center. Welcome to share your idea for Chinese electrical wholesale markets. 

Haeinsa electrical Center opened in September 1991, Guangzhou City is the first appliances professional market, operating daily from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, shopping malls operating in various domestic and foreign brand-name home electrical appliances, up more than a thousand varieties of species. As shares of the company's first electric Haeinsa the professional market, Haiyin Electric Center has been in good faith "fashion taste, professional edge" business philosophy, and strive to create a professional electronics market.
Haeinsa electrical Center
The business area is divided into four main areas: Old Field: The main white goods categories, including refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, range hoods, water heaters, etc., followed by radio products, mobile phones, parts and other amplification devices; new field: parts mainly engaged in audio, video category, LCD TVs, mobile phones, digital products and other electrical products. Second field: up to confluence of shops for electrical appliances large field, there are a variety of brand-name audio stores, mobile phones, digital products, electric toys, security monitoring equipment. Second, third floor: The main business is computers, video game category, printers and other office supplies.

Haeinsa Electric Center for nearly 20 years experience of electrical development, adhere to the "self-employed, and standardize management" concept, has been at the cutting edge of fashion, contains the most practical, the most advanced technology products. And every self-employed have a price advantage, product quality assurance professionals in the country has done for you first product testing services, protect the quality of goods sold, and have someone to solve your pre-sales, after sales difficult problem. Your purchase of household appliances is the best choice for professional.

Where can we buy when visit Haeinsa electrical center? We can find below products: refridge, washing machine, air conditioner, range hoods, water heater, radio products, mobile phone, amplification devices, audio, vedio, LCD TV, electric products, digital products


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