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IF China 2016 China International Import Food & Beverage Exhibition

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When is IF China 2016 ? How about China International Import Food & Beverage Exhibition? How to contact IF 2016 show? What exhibitions for food and beverage in 2016? Tks Mr. Chen introduces their show with us. Learn More China now sharsome details for IF China 2016 with you!

July 1– 3 , 2016

China International Exhibition Center, BeijingCIEC



China Non-staple Food Circulation Association

Beixing International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Henghui International Exhibition Co., Ltd.


China General Chamber of Commerce

China Hotel Association


Beijing Henghui International Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Official Website:



About IF China

China International Import Food & Beverage Expo (IF China), co-hosted by Beijing Henghui International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Beixing International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd., is the first professional exhibition on import food at home. It has been successfully held for several sessions at a regular time in Beijing yearly.


China, as a huge market with a population of 1.5 billion, has a strikingly large demand for import food.As is estimated by American Food Industry Association, sales volume of import food in China will rapidly increase by 15% every year and by 2018, China will have become the world’s largest import food consumer. Then, sales of import food will reach up to 480 billion RMB.


As the first professional import food expo at home, the sixth China International Import Food & Beverage Expo (IF China 2016) will be held on July 1-3, 2016 in China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. It is estimated that the exhibition will cover an area of 35000m2, with 50000 professional attendees. The Expo, rising at the right moment and based on China’s import food market, intends to be professional, high-end and high-quality, which builds an authoritative display platform for enterprises. IF China has achieved rapid development through years of continuous efforts and has became a yearly gathering for colleagues in import food industry.


Exhibit Profile

l        Mineral Water & High-end Drinks

l        Sweet Food & Leisure Food
Chocolate, Candy, Pastry & Bread

l        Wine & Spirits, Beer

l        Juice & Soft Drinks

l        Olive Oil & Edible Oil

l        Dairy Products & Milk

l        Health & Functional Food

l        Refrigerated & Frozen Food

l        Gourmet Products & Meat Products
Aquatic Products & Seafood

l        Fresh Produce & Organic Food
Fruit Products & Salted Products

Nuts & Beans Products

l        Refrigerated & Frozen Food

l        Tea, Coffee & Honey
Condiments & Jam

l        Baking & Baking Products
Ice Cream & Equipment

l        Alcoholic Beverages
Pasta & Flour Products

l        Equipment, Packaging & Processing Technology


Professional audience

The enormous Purchaser Database enables us to invite professional units with purchasing capacity purposefully, and our audiences are throughout the first-class and secondary cities, including such purchasers as : major business super markets, stores, traders, distributors, agents, wholesalers, cafes, bars, clubs, large chain hotels, catering company, five-star hotels, resorts, No 1 shops, Jingdong Mall and Mall Day cats, embassies in China, as well as professional purchasers cooperating with various industrial associations or co-organizers.


For Exhibitors: Visitors are expected to come from multiple channels with a strongemphasis on retailers, wholesalers,distributors, food traders and thehospitality industry from the region.


For Visitors: Visitors can expect a showcase of theentire food portfolio, from fine foods, dairy products, sweetsand snack foods, beverages, wine and liquor, fruits and vegetables, edible oils tobakedgoods, coffee and tea, meats and seafoods well as organic foods. Industry insiders and leaders will also beshedding light on market-specific topics of interest and current trends and developments, such as food safety, consumption trends, and import regulations.


Beijing: Regional Demand – Untapped Market Potential

- One of the largest and wealthiest cities in China

• Population of more than 20 million

• GDP per capita of US$11,000, double the China average

- Major location for hotels, restaurants, businesses and embassies

- 40,000 registered food and beverage enterprises

- Catering industry with sales volume of US$16.7 billion in 2013

- Influences a market of at least 200 million people in surrounding provinces

- Less saturated than Shanghai

- Alternative choice for market entry in China


Very attractive market for imported food!

Access to new clients, who cannot be met at other trade shows in China!


Participation Rules

1. Costs and arrangement of Booth:Exhibition will provide standard booths and empty spaces, which can be selected by exhibitors as needed.

Standard Booth: 3m×3m=9m2; booth for international exhibitors: USD 4000/m2;

booth for domestic exhibitors: RMB 12,800/m2;

Note:A corner booth should be charged another 10% of the total fee. A standard booth will provide carpets, three-side enclosure, lintel board bearing a company name, an information counter, two folding chairs, two spot lamps, a power socket ( special power consumption should be told in advance, which will be charged separately ).

Only Space: space for international exhibitors: USD 400/m2;

space for domestic exhibitors: RMB 1280/m2 (min. 27 m2)

Note: an empty space will provide no racks or facilities. Please select constructors specified by organizers to set up booths for the sake of good construction quality; any constructors other than specified ones are not allowed to enter the venue.

2. Proceeding advertising: it will help strengthen your brand influence in the industry! The proceedings will be widely released during the exhibition; in addition, they will also be sent to professionals in the industry absent for reasons through various channels. The price is as follows:

Cover: 25000     Inside front cover: 18000   Title page: 18000

Back cover: 20000  Inside back cover:15000  Inside color page: 8000

3. Technical seminar

During the Expo, the Organizing Committee will assist exhibitors in organizing special technical seminars in conference rooms in the venue, with the content determined by exhibitors themselves. Each seminar will accommodate 60-80 audiences invited by exhibitors at their option, which will last for 60 min. Each of a limited number of seminars will be charged RMB8000. Registrations will be accepted on a first come first served basis.



Beijing Henghui International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 305, Jindingtai Tower, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Overseas Sales

Mr. Chen Peng +86 18301117220

Wechat ID: chen_melon

Tel: +86-10-8348-8560

Fax: +86-10-5851-4231

E-mail: bjchenpeng@yeah.net

Http:// www.ifsino.com/en


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