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Why free shipping from China?

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When we shop online from China, we will find some "free shipping". It is really crazy. And many people like free. But why is shipping from China free? There are a lot of discussions going around online about Chinese free shipping. How can Chinese posting service be free? Are there any online stores in China that will send the goods for free and you will not have to pay any extra cash for the parcel? Do the sellers pay nothing when ship to me? Why is shipping from China free? How Chinese seller do free shipping for me?

free shipping

If you’ve just started ordering from China you will certainly be looking for the catch in the situation … Because many people looking for free. How could it happen? How can the product be delivered to me for free? Obviously it can’t be true that the Chinese guy will come running to your house and will bring ordered goods from China right at the front of your door for free. It is also unlikely that pigeons will deliver ordered stuff for free too…


The answer is simple…

You will not have to pay any extra for your parcel! And it is hardly possible. The price you pay on the website is the final price! And most importantly, this can be explained:It comes down to the fact that “free shipping” is already included in the price! This is logical. It can’t just be that goods will teleport to your place.When Chinese will invent a teleport then delivery will be

really free! No doubts they would want to earn some extra cash on it too.


It should be noted that seller pays very small amount of money for the delivery of small items. Simply we don’t feel the amount being paid. In addition, there are different ways to reduce the

costs of delivery.For example it is cheaper to send the goods to the seller by non tracked ordinary mail if you pay 2$ for back cover of your smartphone. And it appears to be a common practice in

Aliexpress. You will not be provided by tracking number in this case. However you will need to carefully monitor the counter of days and in case of not receiving the goods on time, you should open the dispute! Also it is possible to use private transport companies which carry consolidated goods to the Chinese outward city, thereby saving on lead time. It’s worth to note that the cost of

consolidated goods delivery in containers is very cheap. Some big Chinese online stores owe their own warehouses in Europe, United States or Russia.


So, if you will shop online from China, Learn More China will kindly remind that not only notice "free shipping". Take care more the products you need, and what the supplier will service.

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