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Western fast-food restaurant

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There are many Western fast-food in China. When we visit China, most of us will go to these restaurant to buy something to eat. How to say these restaurant in Chinese? Now, learn with Learn More China

McDonald's in Chinese is 麦当劳
Kentucky Fried Chicken, also call as KFC for short in China, in Chinese is 肯德基
Pizza Hut in Chinese is 必胜客
East Dawning in Chinese is 东方既白
Starbucks in Chinese is 星巴克
Papa Johns in Chinese is 棒约翰Western fast-food restaurant
Yoshinoya in Chinese is 吉野家
Seven - Eleven in Chinese is 7-11
Dicos in Chinese is 德克士
T.G.I.Frday's(Thank Goodness,It's Friday's) in Chinese is 星期五餐厅
BurgerKing in Chinese is 汉堡王
Subway in Chinese is 赛百味
Domino in Chines is 达美乐

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