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Liaoning Shenyang Furniture wholesale market

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Where is the furniture wholesale market in Liaoning? Where can we buy furniture when we visit Shenyang? Is there a wholesale market for furniture in the North of China? Learn More China now shares some idea for Liaoning Shenyang China Furniture wholesale market. Welcome to share your idea for Chinese furniture wholesale market. 

Liaoning Shenyang Furniture wholesale market is a leading  furniture decoration materials in China. It is located in both side of NanBa Road, JingXing Street - a busy business center of TieXie district, Shenyang.
Liaoning Shenyang Furniture wholesale market
There are 3 markets for Liaoning Shenyang Furniture wholesale market.The 1st market is decorative material market, which opened in Sep, 1992. And sencond market is furniture market, opend in the 
end of 1995. Whille the third is  comprehensive market, opened in Jan. 1999. The total area of 36 thousand square meters, construction area of 150 thousand square meters, with a total of more than 
7 thousand booths, nearly seven thousand households.

China Furniture wholesale market operates more than 60 categories, more than 10000 kinds of goods. One stage decoration materials market, mainly engaged in decoration materials and home decoration 
and household electrical appliances, hardware,Power tools, etc.. The two period furniture market mainly manages all kinds of different styles of family, office, conference room and so on. Three market owners
 to operate furniture, decorative materials, sanitary ware, art crafts, lamps and other products.

There are indoor and outdoor parking in China Furniture wholesale market, can be parked at the same time a variety of motor vehicles more than 1000 sets. The floor is provided with an escalator, a large cargo elevator, and an automatic spray.Closed circuit television monitoring system, banking, telecommunications and other communications clearing function. China Furniture wholesale market adhere to the operating purposes are: a large scale, all kinds of, Low price, to meet the different levels of consumer demand, to provide a full range of services for customers. 

Address: No. 32, No. eight middle road, Tiexi District, Shenyang, Liaoning.


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