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transport in Chinese

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When you visit China, you will need transpot such as bus, train... How can we speak this transport in Chinese? Now Learn More China share some transport in Chinese with you. Welcome to share your idea with us. 

bus  公共汽车 
driver  汽车司机  
double decker bus  双层公共汽车 
coach, motor coach, bus  大客车 
taxi, taxicab  计程汽车, 出租汽车
trolleybus  无轨电车  
tramcar, streetcar  电车, 有轨电车 
underground, tube, subway  地铁 
stop  停车站  transport in Chinese
taxi rank, taxi stand  计程汽车车站, 出租汽车总站 
taxi driver, cab driver  出租车司机 
conductor  售票员 
inspector  检查员, 稽查员 
ride  乘车  
minimum fare (of a taxi)  最低车费   
railway  铁路 (美作:railroad) 
track  轨道 
train  火车  
railway system, railway net-work  铁路系统 
express train  特别快车 
fast train  快车 
through train  直达快车 
stopping train, slow train  慢车 
excursion train  游览列车  
commuter train, suburban train  市郊火车 
railcar  轨道车 
coach, carriage  车厢 
sleeping car, sleeper  卧车  
dining car, restaurant car, luncheon car  餐车 
sleeper with couchettes  双层卧铺车 
berth, bunk  铺位 
up train  上行车 
down train  下行车  
luggage van, baggage car  行李车 
mail car  邮政车  
station, railway station  车站 

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