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Shanghai QiPuLu Clothing Wholesale market

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Where can we get clothing in Shanghai? Is there a wholesale market for garments in Shanghai? Where can we buy clothing in bulk in Shanghai? Learn More China now share some idea for Shanghai QiPuLu Clothing Wholesale market. Welcome to share your idea for Shanghai's wholesale market. 

Shanghai QiPuLu Clothing Wholesale marketShanghai QiPuLu Clothing Wholesale market is one of the biggest clothing wholesale market in Shanghai, and it is the distribution center of the bulk of the clothing store. QiPulu also called as 7P Road as short, Shanghai people who love it call it "cheap road", meaning the clothes are cheap. Shanghai QiPuLu Clothing Wholesale market is a service Loaded with the ocean, the old and new prosperity is more mature, the old prosperous originally to sell baby and maternity wear based, and now is more than one and a single foreign tradeGoods accounted for more than half of a good foreign trade clothing wholesale market, the opposite of the new thriving prices will be higher, and in the elderly clothing.

Shanghai QiPuLu Clothing Wholesale market is located in Shanghai city center, is located in the southeast of Henan, Zhabei District North Road as the boundary, and adjacent to Hongkou District. The market in Henan East Road, West to Zhejiang North Road, South to North Shanxi Road, a "T" shaped distribution, a total length of 680 meters. Shanghai QiPuLu Clothing Wholesale market is a long history of professional clothing distribution center. After 26 years of wind and rain baptism, has developed into a radiation throughout China, known at home and abroad. The source of the famous 
professional clothing wholesale. East China, the Yangtze River Delta is one of the most influential clothing wholesale market.

Address: No.303. QiPu Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai City.


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