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Sanyuanli Anwar Auto Parts City

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Where can we get auto parts in Guangzhou? Is there a wholesale market for auto parts? How to get auto parts in bulk in GZ? Learn More China now shares Sanyuanli Anwar Auto Parts City. Welcome to share your idea for Guangzhou wholesale markets. 
Sanyuanli Anwar Auto Parts City
This large-scale professional auto parts trading market mainly sold: micro-car accessories, motor oil and automotive supplies. There is a comprehensive range of various accessories, and the market is the largest distribution centre of micro-Canton City Auto Parts. 
The mall covers an area of 23,000 square meters, with nearly 300 shops. 

There is convenient transportation and favorable geographical position for the city as it is near to the high-speed Airport Express Line. 

In fact, the supporting facilities of the city are of high quality. There are large-scale parking lots, warehouses, advanced electronic monitoring systems and security personnel on patrol 24 hours a day.

Inside the city, the shops are equipped with broadband interface to facilitate the businesses doing business online. With excellent business environment, the company is attracting many leading auto parts industry, trade brand units to station in the city. 

Just in one month after opening of the city, it has reached as much as 98 percent of occupancy rates, which is unprecedented brilliance in the auto industry. Therefore, if you want to start an auto business, you could seriously consider this city as you would obtain a lot of help from various ways and you would be able to start and continue your business very well.

Address:No.715 Sanyuanli Avenue, Guangzhou City.

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