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Pazhou Complex

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Where is Pazhou? What is Pazhou Complex? How to go to Guangzhou Pazhou? Where is Canton Fair in China? Learn More China now shares Pazhou Complex with you. Welcome to share your idea for Pazhou Complex. 

Pazhou Complex, best known for hosting the Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair), is the largest exhibition center in Asia, covering an indoor exhibition area of 130,000 sqm and outdoor area of 22,000 sqm. It's the only venue for the Canton Fair since the 104th session.
Pazhou Complex
Getting to Canton Fair Pazhou Complex (Metro/Subway Direction):
To Area A: Xingang Dong Station (Exit A), Line 8
To Area B: Pazhou Station (Exit B), Line 8

Pazhou Complex is well equipped with scientific and reasonable traffic system, allowing effective distribution of visitors and goods flow.

A 450m-long and 30m-wide Pearl Promenade (with an 8m elevation) runs east-west direction in the exhibition hall. Elevators, escalators, stairs and other 4 vertical transportation facilities enable smooth and easy transport for visitors.

As for exhibitors' convenience, there are several 10-meter-wide roads in all directions of the exhibition hall for goods loading and transport.


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