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16 main passenger transport station in Guangzhou

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How many passenger transport station in Guangzhou? What are the Guangzhou's passenger station? Where are the Guangzhou passenger transport station? Learn More China now shares 16 main passenger transport station in Guangzhou. 
1.Province Passenger transport station - No. 147-149, Huanshi Xi Road, Guangzhou City. 
(省汽车客运站  广州市环市西路147-149号)

2.Passenger transport station of Guangzhou - No. 158,Huanshi Xi Road, Guangzhou City. 
(市汽车客运站  广州市环市西路158号)

3.Tianhe Station - Next to the Guangshan Road, Shangyuan Gang, Tianhe District, Guantgzhou City.
(天河客运站  广州市天河区上元岗广汕公路旁)
passenger transport station in Guangzhou
4.Fangcun Station - No. 251, Huadi Dadao, Guangzhou City.
(芳村汽车客运站  广州市花地大道中251号)

5.Yuexiu South Station - No. 2 DongYuan Heng Road, Yuexiu South, Guangzhou City. 
(越秀南客运站  广州市越秀南路东园横路2号)

6.LuoChongWei Station - No. 251-255, Zeng Cha Road, Guangzhou City.
(罗冲围客运站  广州市增槎路251—255号)

7. JiaoKou Station - Fangcun DaDao Xi, Guangzhou City. 
(滘口汽车站  广州市芳村大道西(广佛路口))

8. GuangYuan Station - No. 283, Guangyuan Zhong Road, Guangzhou City. 
(广园客运站  广州市广园中路283号)

9. Haizhu Station - No. 182, Nanzhou Road, Guangzhou City. 
(海珠客运站  广州市南洲路182号)

10. TianHe Building Station -NO. 133. Tianhe Building, Tiyu Xi Road, Guangzhou Ciyt. 
(天河大厦站  广州市体育西路133号天河大厦内)

11. Guang Fo Station - No. 95, Zhongshan Ba Road, Guangzhou City. 
(广佛汽车站  广州市中山八路95号)

12. DongPu Station - No. 10-11, Zhongshan DaDao Dong, Guangzhou City. 
(东圃客运站  广州市中山大道东1011号)

13. XiaMao Station - XiaoMao Village, GuangCong Road, Guangzhou City. 
(夏茅汽车站  广从公路一级路夏茅村口)

14. Yongtai Station - No. 1 PingNan Road, YongTai, Guangzhou City. 
(永泰汽车站  广州市永泰路段东平南路1号)

15. HuangPu Station - ShiHua Dong East, Guangshen Road South, Huangpu, Guangzhou City. 
 (黄埔客运站  广州市黄埔广深公路以南石化路以东段)
16.Guangzhou East Coach terminal - No.43, YuDong Xi Road Tianhe District, Guangzhou City. 
(东站客运站  广州市天河区禺东西路43号)


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