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Xinhui Palm Leaf fan

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Where can we find palm leaf fan in China? Anywhere we can buy fashion leaf fan? How to order custom palm leaf fan? How to make palm leaf fan? Where is the hometown for palm leaf fans? Learn More China shares Xinhui Palm Leaf fan with you. 

Xinhui palm leaf fan (新会葵扇) is the most famous traditional Chinese handicrafts in Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province. In the old days, it was called "梭扇".
Xinhui Palm Leaf fan
Xinhui is rich in Chinese palm.The leaves of palm are wide and not cracked, heart is in the middle, and bone grid uniform, with bright color. That is why Xinhui also called as the hometown of Chinese palm. 

According to record, there are more than 1600 years makes palm leaf fan in Xinhui. The palm leaf fan make in Xinhui with beautiful drawing, exquisite workmanship,elegant and practical. Therefore, in the early 1897 year, Xinhui palm leaf fan have been sold out to Russia, UK, USA, Peru...
Xinhui Palm Leaf fan from Learn More China
Xinhui palm leaf fan so nice, how many styles are there in Xinhui palm leaf fan? There are mainly 3 large styles: common fan (普通扇), glass fan (玻璃扇)and  knit fan (织扇).Common fan are the tools we fanning in daily lift. While glass fan are much elegant. The knit fan with solid texture, novel style, durable and beautiful.

Do you also like these nice palm leaf fan? Welcome to visit Xinhui for palm leaf fan. 

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