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Guangdong Visit Tips

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Where is Guangdong? What we can find Guangdong? What are the airports in Guangdong? Is there some wholesale market in Guangdong? What are the famous attractions in Guangdong? Learn More China now introduce Guangdong with you. 

Guangdong in Chinese is 广东,,abbreviation is Yue, the capital is Guangzhou, located in 20°13' to 25°31' N, 109°40' to 117°19' E. Guangdong covers 179,800 km2.

GuangdongThe telephone number in Guangdong mainly 020,066+,075+,076+...

What language speak in Guangdong? Many people speak Cantonese, and some also Kejia Language, Min Language...

If we want to visit Guangdong, which airport shall we arrive? 
Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Shenzhen Bao'an Airport or Jieyang Chaoshan Airport are some airport in Guangdong. 

Besides, there are Guangzhou Railway station, Shenzhen Railway station, Foshan Railway station.

What are some hot tourism in Guangdong? If you visit Guangdong, welcome to visit  Danxia Mountain, Yuexiu Hill, Baiyun Mountain in Guangzhou, Star Lake,the Seven Star Crags and Dinghu Mountain in Zhaoqing, and the Zhongshan Sun Wen Memorial Park for Sun Yat-sen in Zhongshan...

What are the Colleges and Universities in Guangdong? Here are some for your refer if you want to study in Guangdong:
South China University of Technology
Jinan University
South China Agricultural University
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
Dongguan Institute of Technology
Dongguan University of Technology
Foshan University
Guangdong Education and Research Network
Guangdong General Hospital
Guangdong Institute of Education
Guangdong Institute of Science and Technology
Guangdong Medical College
Guangdong Ocean University
Guangdong Petrochemical Academy
Guangdong Pharmaceutical University
Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University
Guangdong Radio and TV University

Guangdong University of Finance & Economics

There are many wholesale market in Guangdong, such as Baima clothing wholesale market, Guangzhou Jewelry wholesale market...

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