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What is Tmall? What site Chinese people buy in Tmall?

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What is Tmall? What site Chinese people buy in Tmall? Is there an online site for shopping in China? Is Tmall Chinese Amazon - or Ebay? Double 11 is coming, why Tmall is so hot? Learn More China now shares Tmall with you.

Tmall is an online marketplace created specifically for Chinese consumers. It is operated in China by Alibaba. also known as the the Taobao Mall, is China’s largest platform for B2C shopping and belongs to Taobao.com (which was founded as a C2C platform similar to Ebay).On January 11th, 2012, Taobao Mall changed its name to Tmall (Chinese: 天猫 / “Tiān māo”).But if you’re thinking that it’s just the Chinese version of Amazon, you’re mistaken. The shopping experience in China is much different than it is in the U.S. And so Tmall has some features and characteristics that reflect that.

On Tmall you can find especially well-known brand flagship stores and authorized stores for selling famous brand’s products.Currently, Taobao Mall presents more than 30,000 local and global brands products of multiple different industries. This “vertical mall” includes for example the “Electric City”, “Shoes Collection” and “Home Improvement Exhibition”. In future the Tamll will be enhanced with by adding further vertical industry markets.
Additionally, Tmall is a marketplace only for trusted brands and products in demand with Chinese consumers. There’s another online marketplace called Taobao where anyone can sign up for an account and sell basically any type of product. But to sell on Tmall, you have to be accepted as a trusted brand or wholesaler.

So, What can we buy and sell in Tmall? Technically, you can sell anything that is from a trusted brand or in demand with Chinese consumers. But there are a few product categories that are significantly more popular than others. They include:
Apparel, accessories and footwear
Beauty and skincare
Mom and baby
Personal care
There are tons of different products that fit into these categories. So if your product line fits, or if you know you have something that is really in demand in China, you may just want to look into opportunities on Tmall.

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