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banks in China

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What are the banks in China? What banks run in China? What bank can we use when visit China? What are the Chinese banks name? Learn More China now shares Chinese banks name with you. 

中国银联:China UnionPay  

中国银行:BOC(Bank of China)  

banks in China中国工商银行:ICBC (Industrial & Commercial Bank of China)  

中国农业银行:ABOC(Agricultural Bank of China)  

中国建设银行;CCB (China Construction Bank)  

中国招商银行:CMB (China Merchants Bank )  

中国光大银行:CEB (China Everbright Bank)  

中国民生银行:CMBC (China Minsheng Banking Corp. Ltd.)  

中国进出口银行:EXIMBC (The Import-Export Bank of China)  

中信实业银行:CITIC Industrial Bank  

福建兴业银行:CIB (China Industrial Bank Co., Ltd.)  

交通银行:Bank of Communications  

华夏银行:Huaxia Bank  

深圳发展银行:Shenzhen Development Bank  

上海浦东发展银行:Shanghai Pudong Development Bank  

广东发展银行:Guangdong Development Bank  

国家开发银行:China Development Bank  

商业银行:Commercial Bank  

During visit China, learn some banks words in Chinese will useful for you. 

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