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Guangzhou shopping

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What can we buy in Guangzhou? What are the markets in GZ? What we can shopping in Guangzhou? What are the best shopping places for tourists? Learn More China now shares some tip for Guangzhou shopping. Have a nice shipping in Guangzhou. 

Tourists or visitors can try shopping in the wholesale markets and find good bargains on single items or small quantities if a salesperson will entertain you. However, some wholesale markets manybe not retail. 
Guangzhou shopping
Guangzhou’s clothes wholesale business is very vibrant, and there are many clothing wholesale markets in Guangzhou. The most famous are around Guangzhou Station:

Baima Market is the most popular single market and gets the highest turnover for high end clothing and fashion (located opposite Guangzhou Railway Station 16 Zhan Nan Road Zhan Nan Road 站南路16号白马服装批发市场). Listed 8 of 184 Best Shopping on TripAdvisor (2016).

Liu Hua is near Guangzhou Station and adjacent to the Provincial Bus Station. It is actually a giant large market cluster with 13 clothing wholesale centers including Baima, Bubugao, Tianma clothing market, Xindadi, and Fuli (194 Huan Shi Xi Road 环市西路194号).

Zhanxi is a shopping area with many wholesale markets (near Guangzhou Station and the Provincial Bus Station 1-4 Zhan Xi Rd 站西路1-4号东侧)

Xindadi is situated opposite Baima and mainly sales woolen sweaters and cardigan (part of the Liu Hua market area)
Hongmian Bubugao is located behind Baima and famous for women's clothing (part of Liu Hua market area)

All the above major markets are concentrated around the Guangzhou Railway Station at the center of Guangzhou. You can go there on the bullet train from Luohu in Shenzhen or the Guangzhou Subway Line 2.


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