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How to bargain in China?

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There are many wholesale markets in China, if you want to buy in worthy,you need to bargain. 

For the Chinese, bargaining is a way of life. Understandably, this can be daunting for newcomers who are not used to such bargaining. However, if you follow the simple tips below, you can become an expert haggler in no time!

Bargain Only in Markets!
First things first, it must be noted that bargaining is reserved for wholesale markets and is not to be done in large chain stores, supermarkets and department shops. If you find bargaining too strenuous a task, you can always go back to the shiny shopping malls on the Chinese inner city streets.
How to bargain in China
Be Resilient and Shrewd to Get the Best Price!
The main problem you will find with the market proprietors is that once they know you’re a foreigner, their prices rocket right up. The proprietors will try to sweet talk you, call you pretty or handsome, declare you as their friend and insist that you speak amazing Chinese. However, you must keep focused and remain resilient in order to get the best price for your item. Don’t allow body language to show how interested you are as this can be a dead giveaway for the sellers; a look and attitude of mild disinterest is the best mood to go for.

Be Cautious in Making Your Offer!
Always let the proprietor start with their price. This way, when you begin to haggle, it is up to them to accommodate your price and not the other way around. Next, offer them 10% of their starting price. Now, this is when the real haggling starts. If you need to up your price, some good advice is to do so in increments of 20’s rather than 100’s or 50’s to avoid paying more than you really have to.

Start the Bidding, Don’t Ask the Price
Instead of asking the price, begin by offering 50% of your price . This usually puts the seller off guard and forces them to counter-bid. Work your way up to the price you’re comfortable with and then make the purchase.

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