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Where can we visit in the south of China? Where is a place to visit during winter? Where can we visit Hainan? Learn More China now shares Hainan with you, welcome to visit Hainan. 

HaiNanHainan Island located in the south ledge of China is widely loved by travelers in winter. Golden beaches, warm sunshine and wonderful weather makes Hainan become one of the most popular winter destinations in China. Haikou (the capital of Hainan Province) on the northern coast and Sanya on the southern coast are the main cities to visit in Hainan. 

Travelers can go swimming and take part in some water activities in winter there. It is a favorite tropical destination to escape the frozen winter. Yalong Bay, Wuzhizhou Island and Tianya Haijiao usually are on the must-visit list for every traveler in Hainan.

Places to visit in Hainan:

Yalong Bay
Wuzhizhou Island
Tianyahaijiao Tourism Zone
Monkey Island
Luhuitou Park

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