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Spring Festival Gala

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What will Chinese people do on New Year's Eve? What is Spring Festival Gala? Why people like Spring Festival Gala? Learn More China now shares Gala with you. Welcome to share your idea for Chinese Spring Festival Gala. 

On the New Year’s Eve, after finishing the family reunion dinner, for most Chinese people, they will sit at home, watching the Spring Festival Gala with their families. 
Spring Festival Gala
The Gala has a few basic components that accompany it every year.
The show has four hosts, most of whom are CCTV regular programming hosts. There are an additional two hosts for the mobile hot-lines.

In recent years hosts have also become part of the program, participating in xiangsheng or in skits. In addition, various allusions to hosts occur throughout the night.
Live phone and mobile lines open up every year during the hours of the Gala for the choosing of the audience's favourite program during the night.

The show has been a tradition for us. It has become part of people’s life, most people will open their TV and watch it in the big day.

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