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top 9 online shop for Chinese

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E-commerce is a massive industry in China.Many Chinese shop online in China, including garments, commodity, cosmetic, electrical equipment,food etc. If you are in China, will you shop online, too? Learn More China now shares some popular online shop for you. These sites mainly in Chinese, so learn more Chinese with Learn More China. 

Alibaba-owned Taobao isc no stranger to e-commerce industry. The C2C giant sells almost everything, literally, from notebooks to vehicles. Unlike its western counterpart, eBay, Taobao owes its success as the market leader in this industry by notably offering free registration for its users.There are various quality products sold in Taobao, so pls do check carefully before buy. 

Another Alibaba-owned business, Tmall focuses on B2C services. Its a virtual mall that plays host to many brands’ main online retailing presence, notably companies like Gucci, Calvin Klein, Burberry and many more.
shop onine in China
Suning, is an electronics retailer that operates stores across the country. But it is transforming itself into an e-tailer so as to avoid the disastrous fate of the brick-and-mortar industry. It is interesting to see how the company uses its experience in the industry to conquer e-commerce in China. In recent stats suggests it’s now up to fourth place in the B2C sector. 

4. Gome
Gome, a close rival of Suning and 360buy, also principally operates retail shops selling electronics and electrical appliances. As the market slowly diversifies into e-commerce, and as more customers turn to online shopping, Gome is also transforming itself into an e-tailer to keep pace with the market.

Vancl is China’s largest clothing e-tailer. It sells its own brand of clothing and makes them affordable for shoppers. It has recently started shifting production overseas in an effort to cut labour rates and beat the country’s rapidly rising production costs. The company also runs the mall-like V+ site which hosts other clothing brands.

DangDang, the e-tailer specialist that sells almost everything from clothing, shoes, to gadgets, also has an e-reader and e-book service which launched recently in April. Called the Doucan, the Kindle-like e-reader is highly integrated with Dangdang’s own e-book store. Customers are able to purchase e-books from within the Doucan device.

YiHaoDian is the country’s largest food and consumables e-commerce retailer. Products range from food to toiletries, and recently it has been diversifying into clothing and electronics. Walmart has a controlling stake in Yihaodian and the partnership became official last week.

Meituan is long-standing market leaders in the group-buy industry. It offer deals and discounts that are usable in many cities, such as at restaurants, cinemas, traveling agencies, etc. 

VIPShop focuses on discounts and flash sales. The online retailer partners with over 1,000 brands to bring certain amounts of items at a lower price for consumers. The site mainly covers clothing and electronics. It was one of very few Chinese tech stocks to list in the US this year.

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