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useful telephone number in China

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What are useful telephone number in China? How to call police in China? What is the fire phone number in China? Are there some telephone number useful when live in China? Learn More China now shares some useful phone number with you.

Emergency Numbers

Police (Calling)


Police (Text message)


First-aid Ambulance




Traffic Accidents


SOS in Water



Calling Tips:
1. 110, 120 and 119 are free calls. 110 may be used for all emergencies.  It is the first number to call. Whether 119 or 120 is called depends on the situation.
2. The more details you can provide to the police, the better. At a minimum you will need to provide your name and location and give a description of the problem. If you don’t know the exact position, tell them the landmarks buildings nearby. If you are in a remote area, you will need to give the name of the town or village. After the call, you should keep your phone on in case they need to call you back. When you see a police car approaching, wave to them actively.
3. After calling 120, first-aid treatment is not encouraged.  Unless you have first-aid training, you should just wait patiently for the doctors to arrive.
4. If you can leave the accident area, please wait for the rescue workers at some obvious places where they can easily find you.
telephone in China

If you buy something need to complain and check something, below telephone number will be helpful.

Questions & Complaints

Complaints about Goods’ Qualities


Complaints about Prices


Post Code Information


Weather Forecast


Phone Directory


Comprehensive Information

12580/ 118114

Railway Information


Civil Aviation



Calling Tips:

Both 12580 and 118114 provide similar services but they are operated by different communication companies and you pay for all calls.. They can provide help with hotel bookings, local transportation transferring information and information about local attractions.

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