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2018 GEHE

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When is 2018 GEHE?Is there a heating element fair in 2018? Where is Guangzhou heate fair in 2018? Learn More China now introduce 2018 GEHE with you. Welcome idea for 2018 GEHE. 

2018 is the 14th China Guangzhou International Electric Heating Exhibition Date: August 18–20, 2018; 
Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex. Guangzhou, PR.China
2018 GEHE

About the fair: 
Being the first professional exhibition of electric heating industry in Asia, Guangzhou Int’l Electric Heating Technology & Equipment Exhibition (GEHE) launched in 2005 has established a one-stop trading platform for the industry. GEHE has developed into one of the most influential and largest shows in the realm of electric heating after 11 years of development. It is committed to promoting new products, technology, processing and materials for the industry and expanding target market for exhibitors, visitors and investors.

With the joint efforts of 50 professional associations, media partners and experts from over 20 countries, GEHE2018 will be an excellent platform for over 200 exhibitors from more than 20 countries to communicate among insiders, expand business and improve brand valuation. Every year, global electric heating organizations will be gathered at the show. GEHE provides you an opportunity to be integrated into global cooperation and to grasp incomparable advantages.

Exhibition Scope
Electric heating elements: heaters, single/double-edged heaters, electric heating films, electric hot plates, ribbon heaters, electric hot trays, band heaters, electrical bars, PTC heating elements, thick film heating elements, mica heating elements, far-infrared heating elements, silicone rubber  heating elements, ceramic heating elements, faradic heating elements, microwave heating elements, electric tracing bands, hot runner heaters, thermistors, thermocouple, etc;

Electric heating materials & fittings: electrothermal alloy, magnesia powder, ceramic parts, sealing compound, epoxy resin, copper pipe, metal belt, far-infrared electric heating materials, PTC heating materials, temperature controllers, etc;

Electric heating manufacturing equipment: pipe shrinking machines, pipe bending machines, powder filling machines, automatic pipe welding machines, pipe cutting machines, welding machines, stretching machines, mesh belt furnace, etc;

Household, commercial & industrial electric heating appliances: electric machines, explosion proof electric heaters, electric tracer heating system, electric furnace, vacuum furnace, solder machines, etc;

Induction electric heating facilities: electromagnetic heaters, controllers, power supply,  high frequency machines, medium frequency machines, meshbeltfurnace, batch-type furnace, closed cooling tower, etc.

For more details, welcome to visit http://www.gehe.cn/index.php?lang=en . 

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