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Eight sights of Guangzhou

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When you travel to China, Guangzhou city is one of a wonderful place to visit? Why? Guangzhou广(guǎng)(zhōu), also namded as Canton,Kwangchow,Wuyang City, flower city…It is the capital of Guangdong Province. wuyang in Guangzhou

There are not only many wholesale markets you can shopping, but also there are many interested place to go. Eight sights of Guangzhou ( (yáng)(chéng)()(jǐng)) are known in China, which are the 8 most famous tourist attractions listed by rulers in different ages. In different eras, the eight sights of Guangzhou will be a little different as listed by different people.

Below are the 2011 eight sights of Guangzhou. If you are going to visit Guangzhou, you may come to eight sights of Guangzhou.

Tayao Xincheng – ()耀(yào)(xīn)(chéng) ( it means Tower Shining Through The New Town): including Canton Tower, Chigang Pagoda, Haixinsha, Flower City Square, Twin Towers, CITIC Plaza and etc.

Zhushui LiuGuang – (zhū)(shuǐ)(liú)(guāng) ( it means Pearl River Flowing and Shining): including Bai'etan, Shamian Island, Yanjiang Lu, Ersha Island, Haixinsha, Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Center and etc.

Yunshan Diecui – (yún)(shān)(dié)(cuì) it means Baiyun Mountain Green and In Arranged Well: including Baiyun Mountain, Yuntai Garden and etc.

Yuexiu Fenghua – (yuè)(xiù)(fēng)(huá) ( it means Elegance and Talent of Yuexiu Mountain): including Yuexiu Mountain, Zhenhai Tower, Five Rams Statue, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Monument and etc.

Guci LiuFang – ()()(liú)(fāng) it means Ancient Academy Leaving A Good Name: Chen Clan Academy and Guangdong Folk Craftwork Museum

Liwan Shengjing – ()(wān)(shèng)(jǐng) it means Wonderful Scenery of Liwan: including Litchi Bay, Liwan Lake, Arcades on Enning Lu, Xiguan Residences and etc.

Kecheng Jinxiu – ()(chéng)(jǐn)(xiù) ( it means Science City as Splendid as Brocade): including Guangzhou Science City

Shidi Changwan – 湿(shī)()(chàng)(wǎn) it means Wetland Singing at Night Nansha Wetland Park.

Now, do you have some interested places in Guangzhou to visit?




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