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2013 Chinese Holidays

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If you are going to visit China in 2013 year, then you may consider the dates. Some people prefer to visit China in Chinese holidays, because those days will be full of ambience of festivals. However, some people will like to go to China in common days. Why? During the holidays, the traffic is so busy, and there are many people everywhere. Therefore, below holidays in China in 2013 year will make your visit much easy. 2013 Chinese holidays

 Holidays in China in Year 2013:



Name of Festival / Holiday

January – 01


New Year’s Day ((yuán)(dàn))

February –11 09


Chinese New Year ((chūn)(jié)) - 3 Days Holiday

April – 04-06


Qingming Festival ((qīng)(míng)(jié)) - 3 Days Holiday

May – 01


Labor Day ((láo)(dòng)(jié))

June – 12


Duanwu Festival ((duān)()(jié))

September – 19


Zhōngqiū Jié- Mid-Autumn Festival ((zhōng)(qiū)(jié))

October – 01-03


National Day ((guó)(qìng)(jié)) – 3 Days Holiday

Besides above holidays in China, Chinese people also have some traditional festivals, such as Yuxiaojie ( (yuán)(xiāo)(jié)), Xiazhi ((xià)(zhì)),Chongyang Jie (
重阳节), Dongzhi ((dōng)(zhì))Xiaonian ((xiǎo)(nián)).


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