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Yuexiu Park

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Yuexiu Park ( (yuè)(xiù)(gōng)(yuán) ), also named as Yuexiu mountain, because the park is famous for the Yuexiu mountain, so it called Yuexiu Park. It s located in No. 960, Jiefangbei Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, you can go to the park by metro eaisly, there is Yuexiu Park subway station. Yuexiu Park


Yuexiu Park is one of the eight sights of Guangzhou since Yuan Dynasty. In the park, there are some interested places, such as Zhenhai Lou ( some people also called it as Wuceng Lou- there are five floors, 28 meters high. When you go to the top of the Zhenhai Lou, you can see the wonderful sight of Guangzhou. Besides the Zhenhai Lou, you can also visit Gu zhi chuting()(zhī)(chǔ)(tíng), guchengqiang()(chéng)(qiáng), sifang paotai()(fāng)(pào)(tái), zhongshan jinianbei(zhōng)(shān)()(niàn)(bēi), wuting fangmu()(tíng)(fāng)(), haiyuanting(hǎi)(yuán)(tíng), wuyang shixiang()(yáng)(shí)(xiàng), wuyangchuanshuodiaosuxiangqun()(yáng)(chuán)(shuō)(diāo)()(xiàng)(qún), qiuxingshuita(qiú)(xíng)(shuǐ)(), dianshita(diàn)(shì)().


There are so many places to visit Yuexiu Park, when is the best time to visit? It is reported that most of people will like to visit in Spring or Autumn, because in these seasons, weather is very comfortable. Further more, the park usually has some Gardening Expos.

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