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Chun Yun in China

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春运, means Spring Festival travel season, which is one of the largest, regularly for hundreds of thousands of Chinese people movement. More than 3 billion people will move to different place in about 40 days. The high traffic load usually begins from 15 days before Chinese New Year, and lasts till Yuan Xiao Jie ( 元宵节) During the Chunyun, trains and buses are very busy. Air will be busy than usual, but because the fee for air tickets much higher than trains and buses, so people will choose trains and buses most.


How did the chunyun came? Below are the main reasons:

1.       The development of economic in different places in China different, there for, people in poor economic will have jobs in larger cities. When Chinese New Year coming, most of the people will back to their hometown to have the New Year, so many people will join the Chunyun.

2.       The traffic is not enough.

3.       Chinese New Year is one of the longest holidays in China, so that is why so many people will come back to their hometown during this holiday, and get together with families. Besides, now days, many people will have trip during the Chinese New Year holidays.

4.       Many colleges will start winter holiday before Chinese New Year holidays, many students also join to the Chunyun queue.

 chunyun ticket

Chunyun is so busy and heavy, how to go to your intend places? You have to book train tickets or buses tickets first. Now, you can book tickets on the internet, or by phone, or from the platform which sell tickets. After you have the tickets, you can get on the train or bus.


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