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about learnmorechina

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Thanks for visit our site. Learnmorechina.com is a site run by a group of Chinese, our goal is to make more people learn more China, mainly including below columns:


Chinese culture – you can obtain traditional characteristic culture and custom and its history.


Chinese market – for this when you visit China, you can go to the market to shop or find what you want easily.


Chinese travel – there are many places you can visit China.


Chinese living – what is hot in China, and how we live in China.


Chinese language – now China is a large and strong country in the world, and there are many people speak Chinese, here you can learn Chinese.


Greetings from China – there are some online greetings site you can greet to your friends and families.


Further more, if there are other themes you would like to know more China, feel free to contact us by email to info@learnmorechina.com or learnmorechina@gmail.com any time.

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