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Guangzhou Beauty and Cosmetics Center - Mei Bo Cheng

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Many people like beauty, so we buy cosmetics to make ourselves more beauty and fashion. If you are importers of cosmetics, you will be interested where can find cosmetics markets, who are the cosmetics suppliers? Now, follow us to come to China, we are going to Mei Bo Cheng ((měi)()(chéng)) in Guangzhou now. Mei Bo Cheng


Guangzhou Mei Bo Cheng is one of the largest, and advanced cosmetics market. There are more than 40000 square meters. It is near the Guangzhou railway station. What can we wholesale from Mei Bo Cheng? This cosmetics market sells variety of cosmetics, skin care products, wig, such as facial cleanser, toner, firming lotion, smoothing toner, moisturizers and creams, moisturizer, sun screen/sun block, whitening, lotion, cream, day cream, night cream, eye gel, facial mask, eye mask, lip care, lip coat, facial scrub, pore cleanser/striper pore refining, exfoliating Scrub, body lotion/ moisturizer, hand lotion, body wash, acne/spot, active, after sun, anti-wrinkle, loose power, slimmering powder, brow powder, brow pencil, liquid eye liner, eye shadow, blush, makeup remover, makeup removing lotion, manicure, nail polish, nail polish remover, nail saver, hair products, hair accessories, shampoo, hair conditioner, conditioning hairdressing, mousse, styling gel, hair color, perm/perming formula, rollers, cosmetic applicators, cosmetic brash, powder puffs, eye shadow brush lip brush, blush brush, pencil sharpener, electric lash curler, facial tissue, oil-absorbing sheets, cotton pads, q-tips…


If you go the Mei Bo Cheng by bus, you can get off from Yao Tai Bus station, No. bus 111 198 207 274 291A 523 530 538 7 803 83 175 179 189 198 207 241 268 274 291B 46 480 have the Yaotai Bus Station, also, you can go by metro, go to the sanyuanli subway station and D exit.


Hotels around Mei Bo Center

Manhattan Hotel

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