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browsers have plug-ins to book tickets

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The Lunar New Year is coming, had you book your ticket? This year, there is a software to book ticket much quickly than usual. Now, many browsers have plug-ins designed to help people buy tickets at 12306.cn, the Railways Ministry’s official ticketing website, and have been popular before the Spring Festival travel rush. browsers have plug-ins to book tickets


In the past 2012 year, before some long holidays, there were many people visit 12306.cn to book tickets, which caused the site can not visit regularly some time.


2013 Lunar New year holiday coming now, it is reported that on Jan. 15th, there were more than 17,000,000 people visit 12306 to book ticket from internet, though there are so many people visit the site this year, the site still can open. However, it takes so long to wait to make the payment because there are too many people book tickets. Many tickets would sell out after 5-10 minute once it began to sell.


So, the plug-ins came out, many people use browsers with plug-ins can book ticket automatically, you only need to set what ticket you need to book, then the software will login automatically, and check what tickets have once some one return a ticket without refresh. Compare with tickets book by human, it much quicker. Therefore, many browsers have this plug-ins to help people book tickets. But, for this plug-ins, it broken the sever which 12306 on.


How do you think this plug-ins? Some people said it is good for people to book ticket, it save our time to refresh, to log in, to book the ticket. However, some people said people who use the plug-ins junk the queue to book tickets, it is unfair. And some people said some plug-ins is not safe, it includes trojan virus, your ID number and password of your bank card will be send to hackers.



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