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Shangxiajiu Commercial pedestrian street

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If you are in Guangzhou, would like to know more culture and shopping from Guangzhou, then Shangxiajiu Commercial pedestrian street  - it is Shangxiajiu buxingjie in Chinese ((shàng)(xià)(jiǔ)()(xíng)(jiē)) is a recommend place by most people. Shang Xia Jiu


Shangxiajiu is located in Liwan District, Guangzhou city ( also named as 西()(guān)), included Shangjiu Road, Xiajiu Road and Dishipu Road, is one of the three traditional commercial center. The street about 1218 meters long, 238 shops with several thousands of suppliers. In this street, you can learn Lingnan culture by buildings, food and people. There are many people will go to Shangxiajiu everyday, about 600,000 people.


The street started business in 30th. Sep, 1995, which was the earliest commercial pedestrian street in China. It is famous of commercial, buildings, culture, food, leisure in one street.


Xiguan dawu (西()(guān)()()), Qilou(()(lóu)), Zhutongwu((zhú)(tǒng)()) were built in Qing dynasty, there are more than 1000 meters. You can find this buildings have feather of South Europe, North of China, and traditional of Xiguan. There are more than 10,000 people from all over the world to visit this buildings.

Further more, you can find delicious food, fashion cloths, shoes, jewelry in the street.


Tips: Because there are many people in the street, so during the visit, it is better to take care yourself, finance and cards.

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