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Have you buy foods for New Year?

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With Chinese Lunar Year coming, people will do some special purchases for the Spring Festival. In Chinese, we call these merchandises as “(nián)(huò)”, to purchase these merchandises, we call as “(bàn)(nián)(huò)”. There will be New Year 4 days later, have you buy foods for New Year?


(nián)(huò)mainly including the foods for coming New Year, Chinese usually begin to prepare the food about 10 days before the New Year. What food shall we buy? Most of the families will prepare enough roosters, hens, ducks, geese, tea, sauces, specially buy many kinds of candies, and peanuts, melon seeds, sweet foods… Further more, we will also prepare the gifts when we visit our friends and relatives. nianhuo


Besides the foods, there are other merchandises we will buy for New Year, those are spring festival couplets – which we will decorative with our house, or cars… And lucky money envelope – to pack the lucky money for children during the New Year.


Will you also (bàn)(nián)(huò)or buy foods for New Year in your countries?




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