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Welcome to China

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Many people visit China will hear some one said “Welcome to China” or “Welcome to our company!”, “Welcome to…” What is “welcome” mean in Chinese? And how to say “welcome” in Chinese?


Welcome it means “(huān)(yíng)” in Chinese. For example, “Welcome to China” it means “(huān)(yíng)(lái)(dào)(zhōng)(guó)” in Chinese. In China, you can hear many people say “(huān)(yíng)” in different situations.

 welcome in Chinese

For example, when you go to a restaurant, a shop, hotel… Waiters will say “(huān)(yíng)(guāng)(lín)” or “(huān)(yíng)(lái)(dào)…” it means “welcome to come to the restaurant/shop/hotel…”


You may also see some banners hanging and writing “(huān)(yíng)(dào)” it also means “welcome to…”


Besides, when you visit some Chinese websites, you may get a window to invite have a talk, many windows will show “(huān)(yíng)(nín)访(fǎng)(wèn)()(men)(de)(wǎng)(zhàn)…” what does it mean? Yes, it means “welcome to visit our website”.


Now, do you know how to use “welcome” in Chinese? So, when a Chinese come to your company, or your shop, you can say “(huān)(yíng)(guāng)(lín)”, or “(huān)(yíng)(lái)(dào)+your shop/company name


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