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Chinese New Year’s Eve

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Many people know Christmas Eve, do you also know Chinese New Year’s Eve? Chinese New’s Eve, also called as Lunar New Year’s Eve, in Chinese it is “(chú)()”, “(nián)(sān)(shí)”. Chinese New Year’s Eve is one of the most important traditional festivals in China. It is the last night of the Lunar Year, which is the last night before Spring Festival. Chinese New Year’s Eve


The Last day of Lunar Near called as “(suì)(chú)”, and the night of the day called as “(chú)()”. On the night of last Lunar Year, people will not sleep, which known as “(shǒu)(suì)”. On that day, all families will clean their house for the New Year, and paste the Spring Couplets on the walls/ doors. Everywhere will have a new and lucky good for the coming New Year.


On the Chinese New Year’s Eve, all families get together to have hearty dinner is very important in China, we call this dinner as “(tuán)(yuán)(fàn)”, or “(nián)()(fàn)”. Most families will get fish, carrots, and some lucky food in the dinner. With the economic development in China, now, people not only have this dinner at home, some also have dinner in restaurant. So, that is why you can see many families have dinner on the last night before Lunar Year in restaurants.


Besides, the culture of Chinese New Year’s Eve in different places will be different. For example, in Shandong Province, people will have dumplings on that day, while in Zhao Qing, people will have Steamed dumplings…


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