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Beijing Tianyi Wholesale market

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Beijing Tianyi Wholesale market ((běi)(jīng)(tiān)()(xiǎo)(shāng)(pǐn)()()(shì)(chǎng)) is located on No. 259, Fuwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing City. The market have been in business since 1992 year, is one of the largest wholesale and retail wholesale market for varieties of merchandises. There are more than 2000 suppliers from China, including Guangdong, Zhejiang, Henan, Hebei, Hunan, Hubei, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing… In the market, you can find more than 60,000 kinds of commodities. Tian Yi Market


The business area of Tianyi wholesale market is about 11000 square meters. There are 20 business rooms inside the market. When you go to Tianyi wholesale market for your goods, you can find what you need in the market all one day, besides, the restaurants in the market provide delicious foods. After you have got what you need, you can also find freight agents from the market to send your goods.


There are too many types of merchandise in the market, how can we source what we need quickly?


The -1 floor mainly wholesale daily merchandises, jewelry, Chinese knots, caps, gloves, towels, scarves, plastic products, labor insurance products, glass vessels, car ornaments, pet products and metals.


When you go to the 1st floor, you can find office gifts, jewelry and Christmas gifts.


Leather bags and cases are mainly in 2nd floor. More than 600 suppliers offer variety of leathers, bags, belts…Especially for meetings’ souvenirs and offices. It is one of the largest leather wholesale markets in Beijing.


If you are looking for undergarments and beddings, you can go to the 3rd floor.


Many people will go to the 4th floor, which wholesale toys, electric products, stainless steel products, clocks, watches, cameras, and cell phone accessories.


5-6 floors wholesale hair decorations and fashion jewelry.


You can go to other floors from DongLou to other buildings. Swimming dresses and scarves can find in -1 floor in the Donglou. The 1st floor in Donglou wholesales different shoes, wholesale 2nd floor wholesales stationeries, office products, gymnastic products, you can find more than 300 suppliers wholesale hose on 3rd floor. And 4th floor has delicious foods.


Besides, you and also go to the Xindonglou. The 1st floor wholesale lighters, and 2nd floor wholesale men’s garments, T-shirts and neckcloth, while 3rd floor wholesales women’s garments, children’s garments.


Look for cosmetic? You can go to the 1st floor near the street. 


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