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2013 Lantern Riddles

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Guessing lantern riddles ((cāi)(dēng)()) is an essential part of the Lantern Festival. Do you know the answer of below riddles?

 Guessing Lantern Riddles

1.      Why are people always tired on April Fool’s Day?

Because they’ve just had a long March.


2.      Why are dogs afraid to sunbathe?

They don’t want to be hot-dogs.


3.      Who is closer to you, your mom or your dad?

Mom is closer, because dad is farther.


4.      What are the strongest days of the week?

Saturday and Sunday. Because all the other days are the week (weak) days.


5.      What trees come in two’s?

Pear (pair) trees.


6.      Why do your uncles, aunts and cousins depend on you?

Because without “u”, your uncles, aunts and cousins couldn’t exist.


7.      Where do frogs keep their money?

In the river bank.


8.      What is the most difficult train to catch?

The 12:50 train, because it’s ten to one if you catch it.


9.      What part of a clock is always old?



10.  What kind of years weight the least?

Light years.



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