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Business Chinese

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Have you heard of Business Chinese ((shāng)()(hàn)())? Business Chinese is the Chinese used widely in business in China. Many people know business English, there are many business English majors in different colleges. We are learning business English everyday, because English is the universal language and English-speaking countries are leading the world. But as China is placing an increasing important role in global economy, culture and politics, business Chinese is gaining more popularity than before. Now many executives in British global companies are studying business Chinese in confucious studies because they can seed the big picture.


Then how to learn business Chinese? We can get some precious experience from those foreigners who are learning it.

1.       Vocabulary is the cornerstone, but it doesn’t guarantee success. Most of us would spend a lot of time learning vocabulary, because it’s rather embarrassing for us to show a look saying “What? What does that mean?” when other people say a technical word which we are not familiar to. But remember, words are not the most important part. Don’t’ forget to update your business knowledge when you’re sparing no effort to enlarge your vocabulary.

2.       Look beyond the surface, you can find much more. It’s like iceberg theory. The phenomena often indicates much more deeper things like custom and psychology. To study business Chinese well, you should also have a general understanding of Chinese custom, psychology and laws, reading more books concerning these matters is of great benefit. Information on the internet is also a good source for you it contains the latest information. If you make full use of this tool, you will make great progress.

3.       Think more, gain more. Think about “what would I do if I were in this situation?” when you are working on a business affair. Chinese people have a lot in common in logical thoughts. It’s the great influence of traditional culture. Think more before a business case, you can find many interesting features of Chinese business.


Do more business with Chinese people, it is a good way to learn and use more Business Chinese. Besides, you when set up business with Chinese, you can look more variety of products in China.

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