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Birthday of Human

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Today is Jan.7th of the Chinese Lunar calendar, known as “Ren Ri” ((rén)()) in China, it means the birthday all people. It is recorded in “Zhan Shu” that the God created the life from Jan.1st of the Lunar Calendar each day at this sequence: chicken, dogs, pigs, sheep, cattle, horses, human, and paddy. So, on the 7th day of the first month of Lunar calendar, it is the birthday for human. There are more than 2000 years for the “Ren Ri” in China.


What will we do on “Ren Ri”? There are many different cultures in different places.

Cut the paper into flower or human shapes, then decorative on the head, window or doors are very popular in China.

Cai ChaBesides, many families will cook the “cai cha” ((cài)(chá)), which is cooked by 7 different vegetables (do not specify which 7 kinds of vegetables, just 7 different kinds will be ok, because it is the 7th day of the Lunar Year, 7 is a lucky number), so it also called “()(cài)(zhōu)”. Because on the first several days of Lunar Near, most of people have eaten a lot of meats, so on the 7th day, eat some vegetable will be good for healthy.

Further more, in some places, people will eat the noodles, the longer noodles means will live longer, so people will have long noodles to cook.


By Chinese people celebrate the birthday of human, we can know Chinese know the relationship between human and nature. We thanks for the nature, meanwhile, we also protect it.

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