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Will you get red pack on the 1st working day in New Year?

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After the Spring Festival, many companies and factories back to work at 8th, 10th, or 12th. Among Guangdong, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places in South of China, all staffs will “(bài)(nián)” to their bosses, and the bosses will give their staffs a red pack on the 1st working day in New Year.


staffs have red packsThe red pack in Chinese is “(hóng)(bāo)”, also called as “()(shì) (()(shì))”, it means everything will goes well. So bosses give their staffs the red packs, hope everything will goes well in the New Year. Besides, to give the staffs red packs, will make the staffs like the company/factory as their family, and promote the relationship with the company/factory, similar as banquet after the Spring Festival to work.


The red pack usually packed with lucky number money, such as 8 Yuan, 18 Yuan… But now, with the economic development, many red pack also in 50 Yuan, or a red 100 Yuan. Some rich companies will give more to award the staffs.


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