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What is “Lao Ban” in Chinese?

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Many friends have heard that Chinese will call others as “Lao Ban” when in China, what is “Lao Ban” mean? “Lao Ban” (老板) it means “boss”. “Lao Ban” now in China not only means the president of a company/factory, but also become a popular word in markets, restaurants, barber shops… Chinese call their customers (know the customers’ name or do not know the names) as “Lao Ban”.


For example, when you are in a toys wholesale market, some Chinese suppliers will say “Lao Ban…” to you at first. And when you in a barber shops, you may heard the hairdressers say to the customer “Lao Ban, Nin Yao Jian Shenmeyang De Faxing Ne?” (老板,您要剪什么样的发型呢?)


So, if you are doing business with Chinese, if you know his family name, you can call he as “his family name + Lao Ban”) – it s very popular among Chinese. If you are in some wholesale market for your merchandises, you do not know everyone in the market, you can also call men as “Lao Ban”.


By the Way, “Lao Ban” usually used to Men, if for some old women, you can called her as “Lao Ban Niang” (老板娘). For young ladies, most of the Chinese will call them as “Liang Nv” (靓女) or “Liang Mei” (靓妹)


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