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The origin of Lishi

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Lishi, it is red pack, lucky bag in English, some people also called it as “Laisee”, what does “Lishi” in Chinese, it is “利是”, always named as “利事”. It means everything goes well, lucky all the way in China.

 Li Shi

Who will give the red lucky bag to others? Generally speaking, the married people will give the red lucky bag to children, and singles. From 1st Jan – Lantern Festival in Spring Festival, the red lucky bag are given.

Besides, bosses also give red lucky bags to their staffs on the 1st day to work after Spring Festival.


How did the red lucky bag come in China? It is recorded in “Yijing”, that Chinese “LiShi” means “Ben Shao Li Duo” – it means “little cost with much profit”, so to hope lucky in the New Year, staffs will ask the bosses for “Lishi” in old days. Besides, business men would also give “Li Shi”, it was thought that “Li Shi” meaning “You Liyu Renhe ShiQing” – it means “everything will goes well”. Further more, children will say lucky and wishes words to elders, and the elders will give lucky bags to children with best wishes. Therefore, “LiShi” became popular and followed in China.


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