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YiWu International Trade City

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YiWu International Trader Center (义乌国际商贸城), also called as “FuTian Market” (福田市场), it is an international of modernize business building in Yiwu City. In the market, there are perfect facilities including air-conditions, passenger lifts, cargo lifts, large carparks… Besides, if you drive car to the market, you can drive to each floors directly. And because there are many visitors from all over the world go to the market everyday, the market also provide foreign businessman service center, purchaser center and information management system. In the market, you can find big colorful screen, broadcasting system and digital information website, it will guide you when you visit and shop in the market. When you have a visit or do shopping in the market, it is easily and comfortable, since the market also have delicious food’s restaurant, communication service, rest places, convenient traffic and finance service... YiWu International Trade City


There are mainly 5 zones in the market. If you would like to save time to look for your merchandise, here are the tips.


1 zone: started business on 22nd, Oct. 2002. There are 34 square meters, more than 10,000 shops. You can find flowers, toys in the 1st floor, and jewelry in 2nd floors, while 3rd floor mainly wholesale gifts and crafts, on the 4th floor, there are some factories sell their goods directly.


2 zone: started business on 22nd, Oct. 2004. There are more than 600,000 square meters, with more than 8,000 shops. 1st floor mainly wholesale cases, bags, raincoats, umbrellas…etc. And 2nd floor provides metals, tools, electronic products, locks… While the 3rd floor sell products for kitchen and toilet, household electrical appliances, electronic instruments, telecommunication equipment, clocks, watches; and 4th floor also provide products directly sell by factories from Kong Kong, Sichuan, Anhui… You can find service for foreign purchase service on 5th floor. If you are visiting China, then you can find travel shopping center on 2nd or 3st floor at the center room.


3 zone: There are 460,000 square meters, there are more than 6,000 shops from 1-3 floor, and more than 600 shops from on 4-5th floor. The 3 zone mainly wholesale stationery commodity, sporting goods, cosmetics, glasses, buttons, zippers, garment accessories…


4 zone: There are more than 1,080,000 with more than 16,000 shops. The 1st floor mainly deal with variety of socks; 2nd floor for daily goods, gloves, caps, cottons, and pins; while the 3rd floor wholesale different kinds of shoes, threads, laces, ties, towels; and 4th floor for underclothes, belts, scarf…


5 zone: There are more than 7000 shops from mainly wholesale imported merchandise, beddings, fabric finished products, fabric materials, car accessories…


Have any idea to visit and shop to Yiwu International Trade City (Futian Market?)



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