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Inquiry/enquiry in Chinese

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Now, many importers are doing or going to set up business with Chinese factories, because there are many products make in China.


Inquiry ((xún)(pán)/(xún)(jià)) is the first and important when you start to set up business with Chinese factories, without the inquiry, you can not get the quotation or send your quotation. So how to make an inquiry in Chinese?


Inquiry in Chinese also mainly including below factors:

Products (chǎn)(pǐn): The products you want to buy or sell

Specifications ((guī)()) : It is better advised the specifications of the products need.

Quality ((pǐn)(zhì))The quality you need.

Price ((jià)())business with Chinese

Quantity ((shù)(liàng)): Many factories will quote price according the order quantity, therefore, if you need in large quantity, let the suppliers know how many you need, and then you can compare the prices.

Packing ((bāo)(zhuāng)): For some products, the packing method different, then there will have different cost, so when you inquiry a product, ask the packing method, too.

Shipping (()(huò)): Ask your supplier whether the price including the shipping cost or not, if not, ask the shipping cost or you find a way how to ship to you by yourself.

Delivery time (()(huò)(shí)(jiān)) : Though the delivery time will depend on the time you order, you can also ask the delivery time for your plan.

Period of Validity ((yǒu)(xiào)()): Many companies also mark there is a period of Validity for the quotation.


Though the inquiry/enquiry is important to start business, however, to find honest and reliable suppliers is also very important.

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