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Deqing town is mother dragon’s hometown. Its Panglong Gorge (盘龙峡) touring region occupies over 2000 hectares, its central area is 650 hectares. Panglong gorge is long, deep with lots green plants, and is abundant of water all the time.


Why the gorge is named “Panglong”? The mother dragon has 5 sons, the youngest son is very naughty and often makes his mother angry. One day mother dragon is furious to her little son, she sent her little naughty boy to this gorge for meditation. Sometimes his elder brother will also come here to visit this little naughty kid. Attracted by the beautiful scenery, the two dragons are entrenched in this gorge and help local people for rains. Thus this gorge is named “Panglong Gorge”.


Panglong GorgeNow we come to “Feifeng Pond”. There is also a legend of this pond. “Feifeng” means flying phoenix. Once the two dragon brothers want to present a unique birthday gift to their mother dragon, so they invite their good friend, a phoenix, and showed a 7-color cloud sky dancing together. After the party show, the phoenix followed the two dragon brothers and had a vacation in this gorge. The place the phoenix lived at that time is this pond, so today we name here “Feifeng Pond”.


At “Feifeng Pond”, we can take two different kinds of river drifts: one is bamboo raft floating, the water speed is slow and the watercourse is flat and smooth, you may enjoy the beautiful views on both sides leisurely. Another one is “warrior drift”: the watercourse is 3.8km long, full of rocks, fierce up-and-down with riptide, the total fall is 100m. it’s a good test to our warrior’s courage.


In this gorge, there is a large waterfall group, the biggest fall is 80 meters high. Here is the waterfall area, the concentration of negative ion in air is very high, are you enjoying your breath now? What we facing is “two-dragon pond”. To offer a quiet and separated environment to the dragon brothers to meditate, the mother dragon tore a piece of cloth from her sleeve and threw it here to form a waterfall curtain on our left hand. After meditation, the two dragon brothers fly back to the heaven above our right hand waterfall.


Do you hear the strong DISCO rhythm? Do you want to dance disco in water in this green gorge? Now, Let’s join it.

You see these waterwheels? There are totally 62 units waterwheels. In ancient China, it is used for irrigation, rice or flour powder production.

The loom and other weaving wares in this hut show Chinese ancient weaving know-how 700 years ago. At that time, the local people were nearly naked only with few tree leaves and barks, and winter was really hard time for them, many froze to die. Until a lady named “Huang Dao Po” brought the weaving skill here, did the local people have clothes to wear.

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