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Silk and Fabric

China Oriental Silk Market

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Do you have your garment factory? Are you looking for import silks? Where can I wholesale fabric in China… You can go to China Oriental Silk Market (中国东方丝绸市场).


China Oriental Silk Market was built at 11th, Oct. 1986. It located in Shengze Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City – which is the southernmost of Jiangsu Province. Now it is one of the largest wholesale fabric and silk wholesale market in mainland China. Besides, the fabric and silk price in China will depend on this market, you can find many news related with this industry from the market. China Oriental Silk MarketThere are about 4 kilometers in the market, and 10 business zone. More than 6000 fabric companies, factories and shops get together in the market, they mainly wholesale fabric material, silk, cotton, garments, fabric machines, and related accessories. These commodities have been sold to more than 100 countries and areas in the world.


Why China Oriental Silk Market becomes one of the largest markets in mainly China? That is because the market cover perfect industry chain of fabric, besides, Shengze Town is a town produce fabric and silk. And the goal of this market is to build the “1st fabric trade center”.

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