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A Brief Chinese Chronology

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China is a cultural country in the world, are you interested in the history of China? Below is a brief for Chinese chronology, You can learn Chinese history and culture according to different Chronology.

Dynasty Date

  Xia C.21st-16th century B.C.

  Shang C.16th-11th century B.C.

  Western Zhou C.11th century B.C.-770 B.C.

  Eastern Zhou Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods 770-221 B.C.

  Qin 221-207 B.C.

  Western Han 206 B.C.-A.D. 24

  Eastern Han 25-220

  Three Kingdoms Wei Shu and Wu 220-265

  Western Jin 265-316

  Eastern Jin 317-420

  Southern and Northern Dynasty 420-589

  Sui 581-618

  Tang 618-907

  Five Dynasties 907-960

  Northern Song 960-1127

  Southern Song 1127-1279

  Yuan 1271-1368

  Ming 1368-1644

  Qing 1644-1911

  Republic of China 1912-1949

  People's Republic of China 1949-


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