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Book a Plane Ticket in Chinese

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In our business life, many people have to fly to different places. Then we have to book plane tickets. When we are in China, how to say in Chinese? Below are some useful expressions:


If you want to reserve a seat to New Your on this Friday, you can say “我想预订一张这周五到纽约的机票。


If you would like to have a morning freight to New Delhi, you can say “我想订到新德里的早班机票。


While you want to ask how much the air fare from Guangzhou to Beijin, you can say “从广州到北京的机票价多少?


If you are planning a travel, and want to know how much more is the airfare during the peak season, you can ask “旅游旺季的机票比平时贵多少?


If you want to know the price of round trip for economic class, you can say “坐经济舱的往返票价多少?


If you carry your children to take air, you can ask whether the teenager have to pay the adult fare, you can say “青少年是否和成年人同样票价?


If you want to ask whether all flights it is directly to Chengdu, you can ask “去成都的航班都是直达的吗?


If you want to know how many flights to Guangzhou in one week, you can say “每周去广州有几班飞机?


If you want to ask whether you have to transfer flights in Hongkong, you can ask “我必须在香港转机吗?


While you want to know how long is the layover, you can ask “中途要停留多长时间?

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