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MicroBlog - Chinese Twitter

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Many people use twitter, are Chinese also use Twitter often, too? The answer is no. Twitter can not login and register easily in mainland China. Then what Chinese people use? You are right, we use MircoBlog, short for (微博) in Chinese. It is similar as Twitter, we can share and say what you think from web, wap… There are also 140 characters limited. In Aug. 2009, Sina offer the first MicroBlog in China, MicroBrog started Chinese internet officially on from that time. It is reported that till Oct. 2011, there are more than 249,800,000 people use MicroBlog in China, it became one largest MicroBlog countries.


MicroBlogBesides the Sina MicroBlog, there are also other MicroBlog in China, such as Tencent MicroBlog, t.163.com MicroBlog – it is very similar as the Twitter, Sohu MicroBlog.


Now, most of the MicroBlogs require you to confirm your real ID details when register, and you can choose other nick name for your Micro Blog. It is a little complex than Twitter, however, it makes the details and pictures on MicroBlog more safely. Will MicroBlog keeps increasing and growing in China? Most of the Chinese will say yes. Because we can talk, share, forward what you think and pictures easily by phones, computers at any time anywhere.


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