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Sorry to keep you waiting

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When you make a call to an express for an order, or go to bank… You may hear Chinese say “对不起,让您久等了”, what does that mean? It means “Sorry to keep you waiting”.


For example, when you make a call to SF express, after you tell their staff your address, the staff has to check and ask you hold on, then after checking, the staff will say “对不起,让您久等了…”


Also, if you go to a bank for a financial service, when the staffs working for you, he/she also will say “对不起,让您久等了…”


对不起,让您久等了” is a polite sentence in China, if someone wait for you, and you have to check or do other things first, then when finish your check and work, most of the Chinese will say “对不起,让您久等了” to continue to talk with him/her.

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