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Qingdao Zhan Qiao Pier

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QingDao is reputed for its elegant mountains, clean air, blue water, white beach and green trees. Are you feeling the wind from the sea? That is like a lively girl, she crawl up to kiss your feet when you are lost in admiration of the beautiful scenery, when you sip a mouth of it, it tastes a little salty. 


As known as Seashore Pier, Southern Sea Pier or Big Marina, the Jutting Pier (Qingdao Zhan Qiao Pier) is a symbolic structure of Qingdao, which was first built in 1892. When Zhang Gaoyuan, Commander of Dengzhou, stationed troops in Qingdao, in order to facilitate the transportation of military supplies and anchor the warships of the Northern Navy, a 344 meters long simple pier western built on the southwest coast. The dyke connecting the coast was built by laying stones, and the fore part of the pier was built of steel paved with wood. The building materials were remainders of Lvshun Boatyard, Northern Navy. In 1894 when Li Hongzhang made his second inspection tour to Qingdao, he gave a high praise for the Jutting Pier and called it an Iron Pier in his memorial to the throne. Hereafter, the Jutting Pier was also called Navy Pier, Seashore Pier and Navy Iron Pier. In 1900, the pier was destroyed by a typhoon, in 1901 when Germany occupied Qingdao, the Jutting Pier was rebuilt and used for freight transporting. When the Dagang Port was completed, the Jutting Pier was opened to the public. In 1923, a park was developed around the Northernend of the pier. From September 1931 to April 1933, the pier was rebuilt of steel concrete, extended to 440 meters long and 8 meters wide. A semicircular seawall as built at the end of the bridge. 


Qingdao Zhan Qiao PierNow, the Jutting Pier has become a famous attraction and symbolic structure of Qingdao. After the founding of People Republic of China, Qingdao Municipal Government has paid much attention to the maintenance and protection of the Jutting Pier. In the 1950s, the Water Returning Pavilion was once called Sino USSR Friendship Pavilion. In the daytime, the Pier is frequented by stream of visitors, who are leaning on the railing and overlooking the charming sea. When the night falls, the colorfully decorated lights are turned on, glorifying the bridge. 


At the Jutting Pier, we can enjoy various attractive sights such as Water Returning at the Pavilion, listening to the Tide at the Pavilion. Extension of Rainbow and Moon Might at the Pier, which Were reputed as one of the 10 Sights of Qingdao as well as the 24 Top Sights of Qingdao City in the 1930s. Numerous scholars and men of letters have left behind a lot of poems and lines in Praise of the pier. It is a famous seashore attraction frequented by visitors. At the peak season, the daily tourist arrivals are above 200 000. It is a must for the VIPs, important officials and famous celebrities when they visit Qingdao

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