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Make Business Phone Calls in Chinese

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Business phone calls are very important in daily business. If you are doing business with Chinese or going to set up business with China, then you may make telephone to Chinese many. Can I we speak English with the Chinese people? The answer is yes. However, some of the Chinese are not very good at English, if you speak Chinese with the Chinese, it will be much easier to understand. So, how to make a business phone call? Here is an example (If you want to make a call to Mr.Li in ABC company.)


Make Business Phone Calls with ChineseFirst, when you dial the number, after the phone connected, you can say “您好,这是ABC 公司吗?” it means - “Is this ABC company?” in English. Then, if the staff says “是的,这是ABC 公司。” – It means – “Yes, this is ABC company.”

Then you can continue to say “我找一下李先生, 他在吗?” – it means “I am after Mr. Li. Is he in?”.

If the staff says “不是” ( it means no), or “您打错了” (You had dialed a wrong number.), then you can say “不好意思。” (Sorry.)


After you said you are after Mr. Li, below 3 situations are the most we may have:

1.      Mr. Li is in the office, then the staff may say “在的,请稍等。” (Yes, he is in the office, please hold on.) – Then you can hold on the phone and wait to speak to Mr. Li.

2.      Mr. Li is not in the office, the staff may say “他不在,请问您是哪一位?” it means “He is not in the office, may I ask who is calling?” Then you can say your name and leave a message to Mr. Li, or say “你能请他回来就给我回电话吗?” (it means “Could you please ask him to call me as soon as he gets back?”) And remember, tell the staff your name and telephone number.

3.      If Mr. Li is picking up the phone, then Mr. Li may say “我是李先生,请问您是哪一位?” it means “Mr. Li Speaking, may I ask who is calling?” Then you can tell him your name and start your business call. 


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